Headshot of Jackie Kleppe

Jackie Kleppe

Outreach and Engagement Director

Contact Jackie to discuss outreach and engagement strategic initiatives, partnerships, and programmatic ideas.


Headshot of Casey Krall

Casey Krall

Event and Engagement Specialist

Contact Casey for information about enterprise-wide event planning and logistics.


Headshot of Laurie Havran

Laurie Havran

Administrative Services Coordinator

Contact Laurie to discuss daily operations of the Outreach and Engagement department.


Collegiate Relations

Headshot of Molly Monk

Molly Monk

Collegiate Relations Specialist

Contact Molly to discuss current student, resident/fellow, and recent graduate outreach and engagement opportunities, including the Status Post podcast.


Headshot of Celine Robins

Celine Robins

Collegiate Communications Coordinator

Contact Celine to discuss stories of success from faculty, students, and alumni; updates to the Carver College of Medicine's website; and content for the college's social media channels and alumni newsletters.


Community Relations

Headshot of Emily Hagedorn

Emily Hagedorn

Community Engagement Manager

Contact Emily to discuss community outreach, partnerships, and programming ideas.


Headshot of Hanna Stone

Hanna Stone

STEM Education Coordinator

Contact Hanna to discuss K-12 educational experiences and resources and STEM partnership opportunities.


Employer Relations

Headshot of Joe Schmidt

Joe Schmidt

Employer Relations Manager

Contact Joe to discuss occupational health and work injury care at UI Health Care, employee health and wellness at area companies and organizations, and opportunities for employer collaboration.